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πŸ’΅Agents Example Use Case

AI Financial agents

Within the framework of artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems have been characterized by offering a possible solution to the development of complex problems with distributed characteristics. When approaching the development of multi-agent systems, there is undoubtedly a significant increase in complexity, as well as the need for adapting existing techniques, or in some situations, developing new techniques and tools.

Current trading marketplaces are suffering from various problems in the eyes of upcoming investors.

  1. Access to trading is still limited. Navigating complex platforms with tons of various assets and exchanges and offerings creates a very steep learning curve.

  2. Despite a big number of educational platforms and books, efficient trading sill requires a lot of time to learn and train. There are tons of books and articles about complex technical analysis, trading models, and tools. However, the market still lacks an efficient guiding ecosystem that would help investors to be proficient in the minimum time.

  3. On top of that, for beginners, it's very difficult to tell if the given material is really valuable, or if it's just a pure scam. They are often lured by a vision of becoming rich quickly, and the risk aspects are not even mentioned.

  4. Various trading brokers are creating an illusion of unlimited profits, and especially latest developments in the cryptocurrency markets contributed to that vision. However, staying profitable in today's markets require more skills and knowledge than ever before.

  5. Finding proper investment assets based on one's risk profile and individual needs is very complex. Automation of such tasks can provide real value and benefits to the protocol users.

  6. Managing investor portfolios is becoming cumbersome on the other hand professional fund managers are not available to the average investor.

AI Financial Agent can solve aforementioned problems providing it works in the context of a decentralized network that provides access to financial products, offers AI models and communication layer.

One can imagine the following Use Case as being a fully autonomous financial agent.

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