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Our core network running on a PoS chain with utility token $BAI, is made of two types of nodes: .

  • AI Nodes - responsible for running AI models, hosting agents and providing connectivity

  • Validators - validating blocks and grading the quality of value provided by AI nodes

Validators ask AI Nodes for information and grade them according to the quality of their responses. The network blockchain receives these evaluations and distributes $BAI proportionally. According to our consensus process, the network functions so that the most valuable nodes receive the largest stakes (BAI), while low-value nodes deteriorate to the point of de-registration.

The main goal of the consensus protocol is to validate the accuracy of provided AI models and vesting AI products.

Multi Agent System is implemented on the aforementioned blockchain using the provided nodes.

The AI Node allows to:

  • Provide AI models (such as hedging, investment, trading strategies or LLM/ML) - via AI models module

  • Add 3rd party products to the ecosystem (like financial products such as DEX, Vaults) - via connectivity module

  • Vest AI models (validate their accuracy/reputation) - using network consensus and reputation system

  • Vest 3rd party products (validate their accuracy/reputation) - using network consensus and reputation system

  • Implement Agents (for example to search for information, trade or execute AI models strategies) - via Agents module

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